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Patriot3 is a preeminent provider of Elevated Tactics Systems (ETS) on a worldwide scale. Our vehicle-mounted systems facilitate elevated access to various structures, including buildings, aircraft, trains, and buses. This, in turn, aids special units and rescue teams in attaining operational dominance over challenging scenarios.

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MARS Elevated Tactics


"PATRIOT3 is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of Elevated Tactics Systems.
Since PATRIOT3 opened in May 2000, our Elevated Tactics division has delivered over 500 tactical ramp platforms to end users in over 40 countries worldwide.
PATRIOT3 continues to work closely with our Law Enforcement & Military customers in the customization of our Elevated Tactics & Rescue Systems to fit their operational requirements!"


Since the development of MARS, Patriot3 has developed a variety of other ETS - The Liberator, ARC, RAID and OSR. Each ramp system has slightly different capabilities and are developed to fit a wide range of operator host vehicles.


Dual Extendable Ramps

Optional RDD Configuration

Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicles

Liberator Logo

Single Ramp System

Wider Ramp Area

Light/Medium Weight Vehicles

ARC Logo

Single Ramp System

Ramp or Stairway Modes

Light/Medium Weight Vehicles


Single Ramp System

Large Team Support

Turnkey Van System

OSR Logo

Single Extendable Ramp

Offset Mounting Capable

Medium/Heavy Duty vehicles

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Can I have a Ramp System installed on a vehicle I already own?

Yes. However, the host vehicle must meet the necessary mounting and payload requirements. Elevated Tactics Systems have been installed on over 35 different operator vehicles including HMMWV's, Lenco Armored Trucks, Gurkha's, Ford Trucks and Achleitner vehicles. 

Does Patriot3 provide a vehicle with any of the Ramp Systems?

Yes. The MARS (Ford F-550) and RAID (GMC Van) can be sold with a vehicle as a turnkey system. All ramp systems are custom designed and manufactured to fit the operators host vehicle safely and securely. 

I want an ETS for our team vehicle, do I need to send it to Patriot3 for installation?

No. After Patriot3 helps determine the best ETS for your host vehicle, the ramp is manufactured at our facility and shipped to the host vehicle's location. The Patriot3 installation team will conduct the install and safety tests on location. 

In light of evolving threats, contemporary tactical response capabilities necessitate cutting-edge equipment. Patriot3 stands ready to assist in selecting the optimal Ramp System, Host Vehicle, and Accessories to suit your mission objectives.

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