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Chino Valley Police Department: Narcotics Task Force, AZ


Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

“From an undercover narcotics officer , this seems to be made especially for us. The small size, when folded, fits well inside an undercover car on the way to a take down. When at the scene, the size is good for jumping out of your vehicle and taking down the bad guys. It is also useful in single wide mobile homes for blocking the long hallways as we move from room to room.”


Thurston County Sheriff's Office, WA

Lt. David Johnson

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

“The shields were used on a variety of calls such as domestic violence, suicidal subjects, assaults where a firearm was being used and armed barricade solutions. In all situations that we actually deployed the shield, the deputies felt that it was easy to deploy and it provided them better protection than if they had no shield at all. The deputies felt that the shield could be used in numerous response situations such as officer/citizen down rescue, active shooter, hostage situations, assaults, and much more.

With the total number of shields I ordered (65), all of our patrol deputies will be issued a shield to keep in their assigned patrol vehicles.”

western wayne county.png

Western Wayne County Regional SWAT, MI

Ron Taig, Assistant Team Commander

Liberator Elevated Tactics System

“After using the Liberator system for several months now, I can honestly say, "It's Awesome." The Liberator has allowed our team to expand it's capabilities in conducting, faster and safer elevated entries. The Liberator is a very fast and reliable system that has proven itself several times during our training exercises. We have used the Liberator to execute several HRT scenarios. Our entry time was cut in half because of the Liberator. Thank you again for all of your assistance, The Western Wayne County SWAT Team gives the Liberator an A+.”


Carlsbad Police Department: SWAT, NM

Commander Brad Rodriguez

Ladder Shield

"The Ladder Shield played an important part in the successful outcome of our mission. It was chosen over the other shields due to the larger area it covers. It has also assisted the team with being able to successfully deploy gas into a vehicle by providing an elevated position for the breacher to gain leverage and break the window that was elevated. In all, it was a rather unusual mission, but because of your product we were able to catch the bad guy while helping minimize the danger to our team."


Alexandria Police Department, VA

Officer Jason North

Ladder Shield

"We spent a lot of time using your Ladder Shield. The Team and I were very pleased with how it performed. We actually took the shield out to test it during snow/icy conditions. Despite the conditions, the Ladder Shield held in position. We are very impressed."


Prince George County Police Department: EST, MD

Sgt. William Abuelhawa, Emergency Services Team

Liberator Elevated Tactics System

"The Prince George's County Police Department obtained a Patriot3 Liberator last year to be outfitted on our Lenco Bearcat. Since acquiring the Liberator it has afforded our team additional options when confronted with Hostage Rescue and Barricade situations. We have utilized the Liberator on two separate occasions operationally. One involved the rescue of two teenage girls during a barricade situation. The Liberator afforded us the ability to perform a rescue from a second story bedroom window. The Liberator allows team leaders to quickly deploy teams to multiple levels quietly and efficiently. The second operation in which we were able to use the Liberator involved an armed subject barricaded in an apartment complex. The Liberator once again operated flawlessly and the team was able to deploy to a secondary breach point on a second level. Both incidents were resolved successfully. The Liberator has been one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment that my agency has purchased. It will definitely play an important role in saving lives for many years to come. The customer service and support at Patriot3 is second to none. Thanks for engineering such a great piece of equipment."


Hartford Police Department: ERT, CT

Lt. Michael Manson, Commander ERT

Liberator Elevated Tactics System

"We took delivery of the BearCat with Patriot3’s Liberator system two years ago or so and have used the heck out of it. We practice with it on a regular basis, have identified a few of our own methods for staging the guys on it and deploying while arriving to really get the most out of the platforms potential. A recent callout involved a multi-family house that was barricaded by a bunch of gang members who were hoarding firearms, heavily involved in the narcotics trade, holding others inside a well-fortified location that they thought the police could never get into. They had one window on the second floor that they sometimes left open. The rest of the windows were boarded up from both the inside and outside with lag bolts, the doors were well braced and every stairwell was booby-trapped. We were able to use the Liberator and safely and effectively make entry into the building; it went off without a hitch. The Liberator platform system is innovative, well thought out and functional. We use the rails or top on almost every assault that we conduct."


Fredericksburg Police Department, VA

Lt. William Hallam

Flex Shield

"We've been using the Patriot3 Flex Shields for over 2 years now, they're durable, compact and very quick to deploy. The protection and confidence they provide is invaluable during critical situations."


San Francisco Police Department: Tactical Unit, CA

Officer Jay Dowke, Tactical Unit

Liberator Elevated Tactics System

"Patriot3’s Liberator System is mounted on our “LENCO” Bearcat. We ordered the system with every option and purchased it with the intent for aircraft, bus, light rail vehicle, second story and high obstacle use. We have seen how well the system is constructed and easy for us to modify as needed. We use the Dynamic Distraction Lighting with the Bearcat “Go Lights” on all night operations and they light up the front of a building really nice. We have done some training with the side assault system, the multi-angle extension ramp, the side deployment rails and the folding evacuation stairway.We just got the Fast Assault Suspension Tower and are setting up training for that soon. Everyone here is very happy with the system, its simple set-up and use."

contra costa county.png

Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office: Civil Unit, CA

Lt. D. J. Watts, Civil Unit

Flex Shield

"The Flex Shield is the perfect tool for the safety of my deputies while performing evictions. It's very lightweight and maneuverable. The ease of ordering them made the experience of obtaining them even better."

aurora il.png

Aurora Police Department, IL

Lt. Mike Abbs

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"It is easy to see that school and other "active shooter" incidents continue throughout the U.S. We at the Aurora Police Department continue to train and prepare for such incidents. Ballistic protection was an area that we realized we were lacking in. Though most of our officers wear body armor, we felt more protection was needed for active shooter and other high risk incidents. We wanted to provide each marked squad car with a level IIIA personal shield. We quickly found that we wanted a shield that had a viewport. We also realized that we wanted a shield that was easily portable. After obtaining shields from several manufacturers, we found that the Minuteman II shield by Patriot3 was the best shield for us. We are extremely happy with our purchase of these shields. They are well made, easy to transport, and easy to use. Equally important, the staff at Patriot3 were extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They made the purchasing process easy."

orange county fl.png

Orange County Sheriff's Office, FL

Sgt. Stallings

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"Patriot3 gave us good communication and a quick delivery of our Minuteman I units."

va state.png

Southwest VA Drug Task Force, VA

Lt. Richard Stallard

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"The staff at Patriot3 know their product very well and understand what is needed to provide the best products for modern police operations."

seminole fl.png

Seminole County Sheriff's Office: SWAT, FL

SWAT Lieutenant, Special Operations Division

RAID Elevated Tactics System

"This vehicle will give us capabilities for SWAT Team that we didn’t have before, with the RAID our goal is speed, surprise, and violence of action, which overwhelms the enemy and makes them give up. Just over two years ago, after acquiring Patriot3’s RAID Multi-Level Assault Vehicle, we initiated training at various locations. Having had the opportunity to utilize the vehicle in all sorts of situations we are thankful that we have it, and can deploy with it. This vehicle is used every time we are tasked with a High Risk Search Warrant. It has more than one form of ballistic protection and can provide cover. It allows us the ability to quickly deploy 14 or more operators immediately from the exterior rails and interior as opposed to using several SUV’s. It stands ready to evacuate operators from the scene if necessary. We have an international airport within our jurisdiction and the ability to make wing assaults is a plus. We have trained for bus assaults from the side with this platform system as well. The Orlando Police Dept has also used this vehicle in training for some of the same tactical situations. The acquisition of this piece of equipment for the Region has provided everyone with a useful and deployable asset."

lasalle il.png

LaSalle County Sheriff's Office, IL

Sgt. Jeffery Whalen

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"After a lot of research, our department chose the Minuteman Ballistic Shield for all of our patrol squads. Now, every officer responding to any type of active shooting situation, has a shield on scene for immediate use. The service, information, pricing and delivery were above anything I could have expected. I would recommend Patriot 3 to anyone, without question."

seminole fl 2.png

Seminole County Sheriff's Office: Special Operations Division, FL

Captain Ed Allen, Special Operations Division

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"The Minuteman Ballistic Shields that we purchased for our patrol deputies have significantly enhanced our capability to respond to active shooter and other potential critical incidents. The Patriot3 staff were extremely helpful during the entire process and exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Patriot3 to any agency in the market for ballistic shields."

collier fl.png

Collier County Sheriff's Office, FL

Sgt. Daren Larson

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"Our SWAT Team has had three minuteman Shields in our inventory for the past three years now. Having a full-time element within our team allows us to respond directly to the incident with all of the necessary gear to begin to deal with a critical incident. I have deployed the Minuteman Shields within minutes of arriving on scene to provide the necessary cover to the responding officers until the rest of the troops arrive. The shields are very compact and portable so they do not require as much room during transportation as a traditional bunker shield. I highly recommend Patriot 3 and their Minuteman Shields to everyone."

suffolk va.png

Suffolk Police Department, VA

Captain Dean Smith

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"Previously we had the old heavy shields for our tactical operations and they were limited in where they were deployed. Now with the flexibility and portability of the Patriot 3 Shields we have been able to deploy them not only with our tactical team but also with our street officers and within our public schools. Our officers are using them far more than they have ever used shields in the past."


San Juan Police Department: SWAT, TX

Chief Juan Gonzalez, SWAT Team

X-treme Protection Series Mobile Bunker (XPS-G2)

"Thanks to a grant we received last year, the department was able to acquire a ballistic shield that will be a great asset to ensure the safety of officers and the public. The shield, which runs on a set of wheels, can be easily pushed and maneuvered by one person. This tool can be easily deployed within 10 minutes to provide protection to our officers of any department that requests it. With 3 view ports, bright lights and a gun port, the shield can fold to fit through a standard size door for entry and lets an entire team of SWAT operators maneuver through hallways or other obstacles. The lights also allow us to operate in a room even if the suspects shut off power to the area. The shield not only can be used during SWAT operations but also during hostage negotiations or standoffs. With this shield we can get close to the person and talk to them without putting ourselves at risk more than we have to. Regularly we would have to use a throw phone to establish communication and put an officer at risk to get him close enough to deploy the phone. This gives us the opportunity to deploy the phone from cover or talk to the person."

provo ut.png

Provo Police Department, UT

Captain J. L. Harper

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"In light of the tragic events of 2009 ending in the deaths of Officers from around the country, we wished to provide our Officers with an extra measure of protection. We wanted a shield that would not only provide additional protection, but was able to be carried easily in a patrol vehicle. We found the Minuteman 1 filled both of those requirements. Patriot 3’s service was excellent and they allowed us to test one before we purchased. We ended up buying one for every patrol vehicle. Since then, our Officers have commented on how easy they are to set up and enjoy their versatility. We are thoroughly pleased with them."

TEES 2.png

Tactical Energetic Entry Systems (TEES), MS

Alan Brosman, Director of Training

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"TEES has been using the Patriot 3 shield systems for approximately 4 years. The shields are utilized extensively during both tactical and explosive breacher training scenarios. I find that the variety of shields produced by Patriot 3 make them ideally suited for the magnitude of skills that are required by special operation teams. I want to thanks Patriot 3 for their continued support of the tactical community."


Columbus Regional Airport Authority, OH

Sgt. Dale D. Beam

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield

"The consensus was unanimous, One Great Product."

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