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September 17th-19th 2024

S.O.F. Dive is a 3 day outdoor diving event that provides the opportunity to interact with defense industry professionals and evaluate the latest combat diver equipment in an environment they were designed for. Attendees benefit from live demonstrations and testing to provide an accurate assessment of equipment capabilities.
This event is not open to the public

*Disclaimer: This is not an official SOCOM Event.

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What was your favorite part of SOF Dive 2023?
"I really enjoyed the ability to actually use the products in the water and have the support techs there for instruction and addressing any issues. Location was great."
"Being able to speak with exhibitors and use the equipment provided."
"I love the opportunity to get like-minded individuals, from both industry and Government to showcase their products and allow personal interaction."
"The purpose and the people."


SOF Dive is a private event and not open to the public. 

All individuals attending SOF Dive must complete the registration form and 2 waivers before attending the event.


1. Fill out the registration form found here.

*A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion containing links to each waiver required to attend. They can also be found below.


2. Complete waiver #1 for the event


3. Complete waiver #2 for the facility

After completing these 3 forms, you are ready for SOF Dive. If you have any questions or experiencing issues with this process, please send us an email at

Event Details

Fantasy Lake Adventure Park
3601 Quarry Road
Wake Forest, NC 27587

September 17th, 18th & 19th, 2024
8am - 4pm each day

Fantasy Lake Adventure Park
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Lunch and beverages will be provided on site each day.
*please note any dietary restrictions on the registration form

Air bottles will be available for all divers. Please bring your own diving gear.
*Contact Gypsy Divers Aquatic Center for any rental needs
3651 Bastion Lane, Raleigh NC 27604 - (919) 255-1931


Open swimming is not permitted unless testing equipment. The use of paddle boards & kayaks are allowed.

EMS and Hyperbaric Chamber will be on site for safety

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The evening social on the 17th will take place on site at Fantasy Park
All water activities will be closed at 4pm

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