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Patriot3 provides comprehensive support and logistics solutions for all of our equipment. Due to the nature and size of our gear, it is highly recommended that Patriot3 arrange all logistics and export documentation for all orders. Our experienced logistics team can help get your equipment to its destination quickly, safely and cost-effectively. If there are any special requirements, restrictions or if you plan to use your own freight forwarder, please inform your Patriot3 POC before submitting an order. All fees associated with customs, duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer.


If you experience equipment failure or damage, contact Patriot3 before proceeding with any diagnostic or repairs. In the event that your equipment needs return to the Patriot3 facility for repairs, you must visit the Repair Services page, choose an equipment category, and fill out the submission form and a Patriot3 representative will contact you with an RMA Number and instructions for your repair. Repair shipments that arrive without an RMA number will be refused and returned to the customer.


Jetboots batteries and Hammerhead batteries contain lithium ion and are classified as hazardous materials. When shipping lithium batteries they are subject to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 CFR Parts 171–180) under the Department of Transportation. Those packing and shipping must meet hazmat employee training requirements. 

Contact Patriot3 before attempting to ship any batteries that may be damaged.

Email for MSDS sheets


When returning equipment to Patriot3 for repair, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay all duties, taxes and shipping fees related to the shipment. If Patriot3 determines that the repair is covered by our warranty program, any shipping and customs fees will be reimbursed by Patriot3 to the customer. 


When returning loaned equipment back to Patriot3, contact Patriot3 for instructions. It is in the customers best interest to photograph the loaned equipment before shipping in case damage occurs during transit. If returning equipment containing batteries, the shipment must be conducted by a Certified Dangerous Good Specialist and conform to all IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

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