Patriot3 Elevated Tactics Systems are packed with standard features. But that's just the beginning. We also offer a wide assortment of specialty equipment and add-ons that give teams decisive tactical advantages. Reference the icons below to identify which accessories are available and compatible with each ramp system.


Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS)

Rescue Access Intervention Deployment (RAID)

MARS Rear Deployment Deck (RDD)

One Single Ramp (OSR)

Articulating Ramp Conversion (ARC)

Liberator System


Emergency Evacuation Stairway (EES)

The Emergency Evacuation Stairway (EES) is a compact, foldable staircase that provides an alternate access point to and from the top of the ramp surface. Once deployed, the EES allows for faster egress capability and is easy for civilians to negotiate. Handrails are included for safety. 

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Bull Bar and Winch Package

The Bull Bar mounts to the front of the vehicle, providing frontal impact protection and permits the mounting of Go-Lights. The Winch includes a 100 ft synthetic rope, hook and remote control. It has a pulling capacity of 9,500 lbs.  

Four-Pump Hydraulic System

The addition of two (2) hydraulic pumps provide all four-ramp sections (2-main, 2-extension) with dedicated pumps. This provides for faster, simultaneous ramp operation and is a redundant backup. 

Crew Area Canvas

The canvas shroud located over the rear crew area protects personnel from the sun and other elements. It also obscures the crew members from public view and is black in color. 

Tactical Ladder System (TLS)

The Tactical Ladder System (TLS) is an expandable ladder that allows the operator to reach beyond the capability of the ramp. The TLS can be used on the end of the ramp via Accessory Mount Yokes, on the MER using the 360° Tactical Turret, and/or on the Side Deployment Rails (SDR). The TLS is available in 2 meter, 3 meter or 4 meter sections and each includes specialized hardware that allows the connection of multiple TLS segments to form a taller Tactical Ladder.

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360° Tactical Turret

The Tactical Turret is a 360° rotating carriage base that allows operators to deploy the Tactical Ladder System (TLS) at any angle. The base can be mounted onto any ramp's level Grip Strut deck surface. Slider pads allow for effortless rotation to quickly adjust ladder direction and angle when approaching target. 

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Extended Access Stairway (EAS)

The Extended Access Stairway (EAS) mounts to the MER and provides stairway access to high elevations beyond the ramp (maximum height varies by host vehicle). The EAS is ideal for gaining entry to the upper doors of the B747 and A380 aircraft.