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  • Single Extendable Ramp

  • Offset Mounting Capable

  • Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicles

The OSR is similar to the MARS system but features only one extendable hydraulic ramp. The OSR is designed to be a high access, lightweight Elevated Tactics System for MRAPs and other similar style medium/heavy duty vehicles that have limited mounting capabilities. 

The OSR can be mounted in any position to accommodate the host vehicles roof layout. The extendable ramp on the OSR allows for elevated entry while maintaining maximum reach and vehicle front-end clearance. The ramp can be fully deployed to maximum height in 10 seconds. 


Ramp Deployed


Ramp Stowed


*OSR System
on Lenco Bearcat shown


Extendable Hydraulic Ramp

The OSR features a single hydraulic ramp with an internally stowed extension, allowing for elevated entry while maintaining maximum reach and vehicle front-end clearance. The OSR is capable of reaching maximum height with full extension in less than 10 seconds.

Patriot3 OSR MRAP

Multi-Angle Extension Ramp (MER)

The MER provides and additional 48" of linear deck surface to the end of each extension ramp. This offers the OSR ramps an 80" breaching capability. In addition, the MER can be pivoted to provide a semi-level surface throughout the entire motion of the OSR ramps.


Heavy Duty Construction

The OSR is built primarily from aircraft grade aluminum, high strength steel and stainless steel fasteners. All aluminum components are anodized and all mild steel components are powder coated for superior corrosion and weathering resistance. The OSR ramp surface is constructed from slip resistant GripStrut Safety Grating that exceeds US Federal Spec RRG-1602A requirements.


Safety Railing System

The Safety Railing System is a standard feature on all available ETS ramps. The railing is designed to reduce user risk during operations. All safety railings are stainless steel with a sand blasted textured finish for enhanced grip qualities. The railings fold down or can be quickly removed to reduce overall system height for transport and low clearance needs.

Safety Railings
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