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  • TurnKey Van System

The RAID system is a complete Elevated Tactics package for multi-purpose tactical deployment. This TurnKey system includes a Liberator ramp installed on an 4x4 Extended Length Cargo Van, a Side Assault System (SAS), seating for 8 operators, gear storage and interior lighting. 

The RAID is the ideal system for team based operations and does not interfere with any of the host vehicle's features. The ramp capable of reaching its maximum height in under 10 seconds. 


Ramp Deployed

Ramp Stowed

*RAID System

on Ford E-Series Van shown

Single Hydraulic Ramp

The RAID is a single hydraulic ramp that permits elevated entry and is capable of reaching max height in less than 10 seconds. For lightweight vehicles, the RAID is available without hydraulics so that operators may raise and lower the ramp manually.

Safety Railing System

The Safety Railing System is a standard feature on all available ETS ramps. The railing is designed to reduce user risk during operations. All safety railings are stainless steel with a sand blasted textured finish for enhanced grip qualities. The railings fold down or can be quickly removed to reduce overall system height for transport and low clearance needs.

Side Deployment Rails (SDR)

Side Deployment Rails (SDR) are linear rails that mount to both sides of the ramp providing side deployment of Tactical Ladders. Each SDR system comes with two sliding ladder carriages. If desired, both carriages can be used on the same rail and additional carriages achieve multi-ladder deployment.

Crew Seating and Storage

Tactical seating is provided in the rear of the vehicle for up to 8 operators. Individual equipment storage boxes are installed under each seat, along with operational lighting and roof mounted hand grabs for safety. 

XPS - G2 034.1.jpg

Rear Access Ladders

Two (2) ladders come standard with each ramp system. They are mounted to the rear of the RAID via stainless steel pins, allowing access to the ramp deck surface from the ground. When detached, gas springs lift the ladder out of the way to allow a larger area of clearance to the rear of the vehicle.

Side Assault System (SAS)

The Side Assault System (SAS) is a height-adjustable personnel platform that mounts to either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle, positioning operators for bus/train and tubular assaults. Optimum height can be selected depending on target vehicle. 

Multi-Angle Extension Ramp (MER)

The Multi-Angle Extension Ramp (MER) comes standard with the RAID and provides up to 48" of linear deck surface to the end of the ramp, offering enhanced breaching capability. In addition, the MER can be pivoted to provide a semi-level surface throughout the entire motion of the Liberator ramp. 

RETRAX Running Boards

The RETRAX Running Boards provide standing space for 3-4 team members per vehicle side, allowing rapid deployment without the need to climb in/out of the vehicle. Attached to the underside of the vehicle, they can easily be deployed when needed or tucked away for normal driving.



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