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The MARS is the undisputed champion in Elevated Tactics Systems. Fully hydraulic, independently operating dual ramps, loaded with innovative tactical capability. The MARS fits a wide variety of host vehicles, including armored and non-armored. Patriot3’s latest compilation of capabilities is the MARS Rescue Deployment Deck (RDD). This latest MARS series offers all the standard and ancillary features in addition to rear crew seating, a convertible ramp-to-stairway to facilitate rapid access to the ramps or evacuation from elevated targets and the Side Assault System (SAS), the only vehicle-based bus assault feature.

F150 Non Partially Armored Vehicles
MARS fitted to commercial vehicles. Vehicles’ armor potential is usually limited by payload limitations. In many cases, the MARS is designed to be removed quickly from these types of vehicles.
Armored Vehicles
MARS fitted to up-armored vehicles or OEM Armored Personnel Carriers (APC). In most cases, these vehicles are tactical use-specific, thus the MARS is not designed to be removed on a regular basis.
Ancillary Equipment
MARS is equipped with many standard capabilities but also has an assortment of optional equipment that focus on specific tactical capabilities. More capabilities means more tactical cards in your deck!

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