January 15, 2016

Malaysia’s premier counter terrorism team, Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK), highlight their Liberator ETS

Unit Tindakan Khas of the Royal Malaysian Police is an elite counter terrorism unit that has been Malaysia’s last line of defense for the past 41 years. As the threat of terrorism continues to spread across the world, UTK operators have been mastering their skills and effectiveness through proper training and procuring the right equipment.

Recently, UTK held a large counter terror exercise, called Cobra Strike 2015, which involved 160 UTK officers assaulting a series of “combatant held” building. The UTK relied heavily on the efficiency of their skills, expertise and equipment; to include their Rapid Intervention Vehicles-which are Patriot3 Liberator Elevated Tactics Systems installed on Chevy Colorado’s.

With the support of their RIVs and MRAPs, the exercise was a great success.

Full story here: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/01/01/malaysia-s-last-line–of-defence/



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December 16, 2015

Indonesian Navy Special Forces, KOPASKA, use Jetboots during military exercises!

Members of KOPASKA unveiled their Jetboots Diver Propulsion Systems during a recent Navy military exercise which focused on the Navy’s security and strength in protecting Indonesia’s maritime borders. KOPASKA operators used their Jetboots throughout the exercise; which consisted of a 5 nautical mile swim, tactical/covert infiltration, combat & mobility underwater, beach clearing, and much more.


Full story here: http://batampos.co.id/27-11-2015/kopaska-tni-al-latihan-di-perairan-batam/



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December 9, 2015

Victoria Police use Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield during Hostage Situation

The Victoria Police Department’s CIRT and SOG units deployed their Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shields during an 8 hour standoff with a gunman who had taken 2 women hostage at a café in Rye Beach. Negotiators and tactical operators were able to approach the man safely and negotiate the release of both hostages and the gunman’s surrender.


For more information on this story, click link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-05/rye-cafe-siege-ends-peacefully-after-eight-hours/7004092






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October 9, 2015

Daly City Police & San Mateo County Sheriff purchase a MARS Elevated Tactics System

The Daly City Police Department and San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has purchased a MARS Elevated Tactics-Rescue System for their regional SWAT team. The MARS system was installed on their Lenco BEAR armored response vehicle and will be available to all law enforcement agencies in the county.


Daly City PD SWAT IMG_0535 Daly City PD

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September 11, 2015

Patriot3 Elevated Tactics Systems displayed during Independence Day celebrations in Vietnam and Malaysia!

The Royal Malaysian Police’s anti-terrorism unit (UTK) displayed their new Liberator ETS systems on Chevy Colorado’s during Malaysia’s Independence Day parade in Kuala Lumpur on August 31st. The Vietnam Special Forces Commandos also showed off their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System during a spotlight on defense equipment at Vietnam’s Independence Day celebrations in Hanoi on September 2nd.






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August 24, 2015

P3M conducts Jetboots demo in Belgium!

Patriot3 Maritime was in Belgium last week conducting a series of Jetboots demos for various operational units. Combat & rescue divers were able to test and evaluate the Jetboots to determine how the equipment would best fit their operational needs as well as expand their current capabilities. Overall, the Jetboots were well received and the units in attendance were very impressed.




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August 20, 2015

Minuteman Shields used during Active Shooter Exercise at Fort lee, VA!

Members of the Fort Lee Police Department Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and the 217th Military Police Detachment (Fort Lee, VA) relied on the protection of their Minuteman 3 Folding Ballistic Shields during an active shooter training exercise earlier this year. With the growing concern of active shooter events happening across the nation at random locations (schools, military installations, workplaces, etc.), soldiers and civilians at Fort Lee have become more familiar with the response plan if such an incident were to happen there.







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August 18, 2015

Palm Beach County Sheriff use their RAID Elevated Tactics System to resolve standoff!


The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team deployed their RAID system in Lake Worth, Florida during a tense standoff with an armed man, who had climbed an apartment roof and was threatening to harm himself and others. After 3 hours the standoff was resolved peacefully and SWAT was able to negotiate the man down from the roof using the RAID Elevated Tactics System!


Full Story Here:


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July 31, 2015

The MARS Elevated Tactics System Keeps the World University Games Safe!

Several tactical units and anti-terrorism forces throughout South Korea deployed their MARS Elevated Tactics Systems in preparation of the World University Games: Summer Universiade in Gwangju City. The MARS systems were used in multiple anti-terrorism scenarios, to include; tubular assaults, hostage rescue, perimeter security, response to potential terror attacks, and more.


The Gwangju: Summer Universiade consisted of 12 days of sport competitions with more than 9,000 student-athletes and officials from over 170 countries.


Full story here: http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Policies/view?articleId=128117




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July 15, 2015

Patriot3 Demo Days – Chester, VA

The Elevated Tactics & Ballistics Divisions were in Chester, Virginia today providing an equipment demo to Uniformed Patrol Officers & Tactical Units throughout the Richmond area.

Special Thanks to Chesterfield County Police Department SWAT for hosting the demo!

If your department/unit is interested in an Elevated Tactics and/or Ballistics Shields demo, please contact our website (http://www.patriot3.com/contact).

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