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East Idaho News visits CrimeCon and discusses Lenco BearCat outfitted with Patriot3's OSR

Last month, CrimeCon convened in Orlando, drawing thousands of attendees from across the nation to partake in the annual true-crime convention.

CrimeCon serves as a premier gathering, hosting distinguished figures from the true crime domain, including victims' families, legal professionals, journalists, advocates, podcasters, and participants from within the criminal justice system. Organizers assert its standing as the world's preeminent true crime event, noting substantial growth since its inception in 2017.

Nate Eaton, a reporter from, attended CrimeCon for the third consecutive year. Over the past few days, he conducted interviews with presenters, guests, and other notable figures, sharing the insights through a series of videos.

In his latest feature, Nate offers an exclusive glimpse into the Orlando Police Department's employment of a Lenco BearCat armored SWAT vehicle, equipped with Patriot3's OSR Elevated Tactics System. During the interview, Officer Cody Morton, a SWAT team member, details the scenarios in which the vehicle is deployed and elucidates the array of tools available to officers in tactical situations.


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