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WEGA Special Police Unit take possession on their new ARC Elevated Tactics System

WEGA, the Police SWAT/Tactical team of Austria’s capital city – Vienna, has taken receipt of a new multi-purpose tactical vehicle. After some research and testing of available solutions on the market, WEGA ultimately decided on pursuing the Achleitner HMV SURVIVOR 1 armored vehicle and outfitting it with PATRIOT3’s ARC Elevated Tactics System. Given their experience of using the Achleitner vehicles and PATRIOT3 tactical ramp systems, which are already in use by Austria’s elite counter-terrorism unit – EKO COBRA, as well as other neighboring special police units in Germany and Slovenia, the HMV SURVIVOR 1-ARC was the best solution to meet their operational requirements.

The multi-purpose vehicle, WEGA’s 2nd response vehicle, was specifically designed around response to highly dangerous situations (i.e., a terrorist attack) and the rescue of civilians, hostages and/or emergency personnel from at-risk areas. “If we don’t need it, we’re happy” said Ernst Albrecht, head of the WEGA division & former unit commander.

The ARC Elevated Tactics System has been proven by numerous domestic and international end users since 2013, while the HMV Survivor 1-ARC Elevated Tactics System combined solution has been in use (deployed) by multiple EU Special Police-Counter Terrorism Units since 2016.


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