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Austria Einsatzkommando COBRA unit deploy MARS ETS during National Anti-Terrorism Exercise

Austria’s Einsatzkommando (EKO) Cobra unit, the nation’s premier counter terrorism response force, held the largest national anti-terror exercise in Upper Austria. The exercise which took place at the Ebelsberg Barracks included Austrian police units, the German Army, Austrian fire brigades and a rescue organization. The exercise was built around a terrorism event, where a large number of terrorists captured a multi-story building with hostages located on several floors. The first floor was wired with explosives to prevent Police and Military from making entry into the building. Due to this intel, EKO Cobra personnel used their MARS Elevated Tactics Systems to surprise and rapidly assault several second floor entry points. Operators breached 2 windows from the end of the ramp systems, while deploying distraction devices, then storming the floor with up to 20 operators in a matter of seconds. Austria and many European nations continue to hold numerous Anti-Terror exercises due to the increasing threat of ISIS and extremism within the EU.


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