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Austrian Police use MARS RDD to safely remove activists from illegal tree platform

Climate Change activists in Austria, protesting the construction of a motorway to improve traffic and quality of life in the city of Vienna-Donaustadt, crudely erected a 3-4 meter tall wooden platform during an unregistered protest in the early morning. The platform, which was meant to delay the project and law enforcement response so that further blockades could be constructed, was quickly deemed unsafe and hazardous by police officials. In an effort to safely remove the 3-4 protesters from the platform, Austrian Police requested the Einsatzkommando (EKO) Cobra unit (Austrian Police Tactical Unit) to respond with their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System.

Officers were able to use the MARS to approach the “tree house” and safely remove/arrest the occupying activists and finally, disassemble the structure without any risks to officers and/or other protesters in the immediate area.

For more information on the MARS or any of PATRIOT3’s Elevated Tactics Systems, pleases visit:


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