Patriot3's U.S. Patent pending Multi-Purpose Tactical Ladder was developed to be a compact, lightweight and portable aluminum ladder system. The M-PTL can be used as a mobile ballistic barrier, standard straight ladder, A-frame ladder, field litter or a unique horizontal bridge. It can be transported easily using the Quick Release Carrier that integrates with the Improved Outer Tactical Vest.

The M-PTL is fabricated using high quality aircraft-grade aluminum with a black hard-anodized finish for added protection. Each 2 foot long identical section can be joined together with steel locking pins to create the required configuration. The M-PTL is Independent, Third Party Certified in accordance with ANSI A14.2-2007 to support a load of 350lbs in the Climbing (12ft), Bridging (12ft), and A-frame (6ft) configurations. 

The M-PTL base unit is comprised of six (2ft) sections and includes six Bridging Plates, two Breaching Hooks and a Pull Strap Y-Lanyard. Additional options include two NIJ3A Ballistic Blankets, two Wheel Bracket Assemblies and two Quick Release Carriers. 



A-Frame Ladder

Required Components:

Ladder Sections (6)

Breaching Hooks (2)

The A-Frame Ladder configuration (6ft) provides the operator with a simple ladder option but with improved lateral stability. This configuration utilizes the Breaching Hooks to lock the ladder in position to provide a safe and solid structure.


Field Litter

Required Components:

Ladder Sections (3)

Wheel Bracket Assemblies (2)

Breaching Hooks (2)

Ballistic Blankets (2)

The Field Litter configuration is a lightweight casualty transport system and also performs as a litter stand in the battlefield for medical procedures. The Ballistic Blankets act as the bed surface and includes four safety straps to secure the individual to the litter. 

Hanging Ladder

Required Components:

Ladder Sections (6)

Breaching Hooks (2)

The Hanging Ladder configuration (12ft) can be attached to any ledge by use of aluminum Breaching Hooks with serrations on the underside for maximum grip. The hooked ladder then hangs suspended vertically down the face of the obstacle. If a standard ladder is required, the Breaching Hooks can be removed.

Ladder Carrier w_Quick Release1.png
Ladder Carrier w_Quick Release2.png

Quick Release Carrier

Required Components:

Ladder Sections (3)

Quick Release Carrier (1)

The Quick Release Carrier configuration allows the operator to securely transport 3 ladder sections and is compatible with the Improved Outer Tactical Vest. A steel pull cable allows the user to jettison the ladder in a hostile situation.



Required Components:

Ladder Sections (6)

Bridging Plates (6)

Pull Strap Y-Lanyard (1)

The Bridging configuration (12ft) allows a fully geared operator to cross large gaps or obstacles safely. The Bridging Plates provide sure footing for the operator and the Pull Strap Y-Lanyard allows the bridge to be lowered into position from one side of the obstacle.


Mobile Ballistic Barrier

Required Components:

Ladder Sections (3)

Wheel Bracket Assemblies (2)

Ballistic Blankets (2)

The Mobile Ballistic Barrier configuration (6ft) provides the operator with ballistic and fragmentation protection. Two NIJ3A Ballistic Blankets attach to the ladder section and link together to form a large area of protection. The two Wheel Bracket Assemblies allow the barrier to be mobile for rapid repositioning or relocation.



Modular Ladder Section

Anodized Aluminum, Steel Lock Pins

Quantity: 6

Dims: 26"H x 13.5"W x 5.5"L

Weight: 7.5 lbs


Bridging Plates

Anodized Aluminum

Quantity: 6

Dims: 13.5"H x 13"W x 2"L

Weight Each: 1 lbs


Breaching Hooks

Anodized Aluminum

Quantity: 2

Dims: 4"H x 15"W x .5"L

Weight Each: 1.1 lbs


Pull Strap Y-Lanyard

Nylon Webbing

Quantity: 1

Length: 20.5 ft

Weight: .4 lbs



Wheel Bracket Assembly

Solid Wheel, Anodized Aluminum Frame

Quantity: 2

Dims: 9"H x 20"W x 3.5"L

Weight Each: 5 lbs


Ballistic Blanket

NIJ3A Threat Level, Nylon Cover

Quantity: 2

Dims: 24"W x 41"H

Weight Each: 15.4 lbs


Quick Release Carrier

Nylon, Steel Cable Pull Strap

Quantity: 2

*Carries 3 Ladder Sections

Weight: 1.7 lbs



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