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The Flex Field is an articulating ballistic fragmentation barrier that deploys rapidly. The US Patent protected Flex Field is stow-able, highly mobile, and can be adjusted to various angles or configurations to suit the environment. Immediately out of the case, the Flex Field begins protecting as a shield against ballistic rounds or blast fragmentation. Numerous handles are present for quick and easy maneuvering to carry equipment and, in worst case scenarios, doubles as a field litter. The Flex Field is available with NIJ Level 3 or NIJ Level 3A ballistic protection.

Flex Field Level 3A

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Flex Field Level 3 (4 Panel)

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The Flex Field 3A utilizes articulated poles which shape the barrier and also allow for ease of mobility. The Flex Field 3A has a NIJ IIIA threat level, weighs 65 lbs. and measures 98” x 48” when fully deployed. The Flex Field 3A comes complete with a rigid carrying case, along with Police or Sheriff patches. Custom patches are available upon request.

The Flex Field 3 is available in 2, 3, or 4-panel configurations. The Flex Field 3 has a NIJ III threat level with a large area of protection and can be used as a stationary or mobile bunker. The Flex Field 3 can weigh up to 125 lbs. and provide a protection size of 90” x 48”. Each shield includes a protective carrying case and Police or Sheriff patches.

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