Patriot3's X-treme Protection Series shield is high threat protection designed for maximum versatility, superb mobility, and ease of use. The XPS's unique, US Patent protected design incorporates the first ever, Folding Ballistic Wings. The optional ballistic wings are added to provide a wide area of coverage beyond that of the base unit, and can be mechanically articulated. This mechanical articulation enables the XPS to pass through most doorways and then expand to resume its larger area of protection.


A variety of accessories are available for the XPS, including the Mighty Night Light System, custom rolling storage case, and additional wing viewports, gun ports, and wing grip handles. The optional wing grips enables each wing panel to be removed quickly to act as an independent shield.The XPS-G2 is available in NIJ3 or NIJ4 ballistic threat levels. 


Front View

Rear View

Base Unit NIJ Level 3 or NIJ Level 4

Dimensions: 28" x 74" 

Base Unit Viewport

Dimensions: 13" x 3"

Base Unit Steel Gun Port

Dimensions: 3.25" x 4.75"

Front Wheels: 10" Solid Core Fixed

Rear Wheels: Solid Core with

Casters and Brakes

Operator Handles for Shield Control and Steering



Front View


Rear View


XPS-G2 Ballistic Wing Kit

  • Four (4) articulating ballistic panels for a larger area of protection

  • Steel control lever allows for effortless panel articulation that enables the shield to easily pass through narrow doorways and corridors

  • Wings can also be removed quickly to act as independent shields (optional shield handle required)


Ballistic Wing Viewport

  • Provides the operator(s) with an additional viewing angle without compromising protection

  • Dimensions: 8.25" x 3" Viewing area

  • Viewport threat level matches shield threat level (NIJ3 or NIJ4)

  • *XPS-G2 Ballistic Wing Kit Required


Ballistic Wing Gunport

  • Provides operator(s) with additional gunport options when using Ballistic Wing Kit

  • Solid steel construction with easy open/close swivel door operation

  • Gunport opening dimensions: 3.25" x 4.75"

  • *XPS-G2 Ballistic Wing Kit Required


Ballistic Wing Handle

  • Allows operator to quickly remove a Ballistic Wing Kit Panel and use as an independent shield

  • Cushioned handle reduces hand fatigue

  • High impact arm pad for added protection

  • Velcro arm strap helps support shield weight

  • *XPS-G2 Ballistic Wing Kit Required

Mighty Night.png

Mighty Night Spot Light Kit

  • Two (2) vertically mounted white LED spot lights

  • Max Output: 400 Luman, 4 Diode Multi-Chip LED

  • Modes: Turbo-Strobe, Continuous On, Off

  • Waterproof, fire and impact resistant

  • Convenient battery charging port and power switch

XPS G2 Crate.png

Rolling Transport Case

  • Custom storage and transport case with solid rubber wheels and lockable latches

  • Can accommodate optional 4 panel Ballistic Wing Kit and top base unit panel

  • Protects shield from the elements when not in use

  • Dimensions: 47.5"w X 29.75"d X 35.5"h



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