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The Minuteman Folding Shields are featured in the "Tetris Challenge" by Sedona Police

Officers Catherine Beers and Jesus Evangelista with the Sedona Police Department in Arizona, deconstruct their patrol car and layout the gear they utilize and rely on everyday so that they can protect and serve the city of Sedona. Included in their daily gear is their Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shields, which provides them the ballistic protection they need to address any violent situations or active shooter incidents they may come across – and without taking up much room in their patrol car so that they have additional space for other mission critical or lifesaving equipment.

The ‘Tetris Challenge’ was started on September 1st when Zurich Police (Switzerland) published a birds-eye view image of two officers laying on the ground besides the content of their patrol car in geometric block patterns, similar to the game of Tetris. Since then, public and emergency services units from around the world have followed suit.


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