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Patriot3 unveils the 1st Elevated Tactics System on the Terradyne Gurkha

Patriot3’s Elevated Tactics Division (P3E) and Terradyne Armored Vehicles have partnered together to bring an Elevated Tactics capability and solution to the Terradyne Gurkha.

Introducing the LIBERATOR Elevated Tactics System on the Gurkha MPV.

The integration of Patriot3’s world leading and proven Elevated Tactics Systems furthers the overall tactical and rescue capabilities the Gurkha armored vehicle already boasts.

The Liberator ETS Gurkha will be conducting a series of department demos and will be on display at several upcoming tactical shows:

- NTOA – Orlando, FL (August 18-19)

- FSA SWAT Round-Up – Orlando, FL (November 12-14)

- CATO – San Diego, CA (December 3-4)


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