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Malaysia’s premier counter terrorism team, Unit Tindakan Khas (UTK), highlight their Liberator ETS

Unit Tindakan Khas of the Royal Malaysian Police is an elite counter terrorism unit that has been Malaysia’s last line of defense for the past 41 years. As the threat of terrorism continues to spread across the world, UTK operators have been mastering their skills and effectiveness through proper training and procuring the right equipment. Recently, UTK held a large counter terror exercise, called Cobra Strike 2015, which involved 160 UTK officers assaulting a series of "combatant held” buildings. The UTK relied heavily on the efficiency of their skills, expertise and equipment; to include their Rapid Intervention Vehicles-which are Patriot3 Liberator Elevated Tactics Systems installed on Chevy Colorado’s. With the support of their RIVs and MRAPs, the exercise was a great success!


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