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Introducing the Jetboots v5 Thruster

Since the release of our latest version of Jetboots (V5), our Maritime division has seen a substantial increase in demand for not only new systems, but also those looking to upgrade their current V4 thrusters to the new V5. The V5 Thrusters are the next generation of diver propulsion and are already proving to be a “Requirement” for elite maritime operations units in the US and throughout the world. The V5 brings upgraded features to the Jetboots DPS, such as:

  • Hermetically sealed magnetic coupling drive for increased efficiency, performance, reliability, and durability in aggressive maritime environments.

  • Adjustable Thruster Leg Plate to accommodate operators preferences.

  • Statically sealed internal components, which eliminates the need for dynamic oil-filled shaft seals.

  • Backwards compatibility with the previous V4 Jetboots System WITHOUT ANY additional equipment or adapters.

For more information on the Jetboots Diver Propulsion System (DPS) and V5 Thrusters, please visit our Maritime page,!


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