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German SEK NRW use MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System during Hells Angel Raid

Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) operators in Cologne raided a Hells Angels club Wednesday evening. SEK NRW deployed one of their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics Systems to breach the compounds iron perimeter gate using their FAST Rope Tower attachment, before making entry into the club house. Operators were able to fast rope over the perimeter gate from their MARS system and storm the clubhouse without alerting the Hells Angels members inside. The raid was prompted by an incident 2 weeks ago, when 40 Hells Angels attached a Bandidos birthday celebration at a nightclub. Several weapons, drugs, cash, and media files were seized from the compound which also resulted in 12 members being arrested.

SEK operators have deployed their MARS systems on other motorcycle club raids in the past to gain entry to their often secured and fortified compounds, including the recent raid in Leverkusen.


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