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German SEK deploy MARS RDD during large scale drug ring operation

The Police Force of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in Germany, along with officers from the public prosecutor’s office, public order office and customs office conducted a large-scale operation in Essen and Gelsenkirchen on June 14, lasting well into the night and early hours of the following morning. The operation involved searching 11 different properties (3 commercial & 8 apartment complexes), throughout multiple districts, suspected of drug-trafficking operations and weapons violations, in addition to serving several arrest warrants. "Since there are indications that some of the people are said to be ready to use violence and may also have weapons, special forces were deployed," said the police and the Essen public prosecutor's office.

The Spezialeinsatzkommando unit, or SEK, is the elite tactical unit of the police which is responsible for serving high-risk arrest warrants, hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, etc..

The primary focus of the SEK was the raid of a large commercial warehouse that was a suspected drug hub with perimeter walls and reinforced doors. SEK operators deployed armored vehicles as well as their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics Systems to infiltrate the facility from multiple different points. While teams explosively breached the reinforced doors on the front of the warehouse, another team used the MARS system to extend up and over the perimeter walls so they could deploy a fast rope for entry. The dual ramps of the MARS system, allowed for additional operators to provide high angle cover (unobstructed) for the rope & entry teams.

The raid(s) were an overall success with multiple arrests, tons of evidence and data retrieved, weapons & drugs seized.


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