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Austria EKO Cobra use MARS to remove Climate Activists at MAGNA

Austria’s elite Einsatzkommando (EKO) Cobra unit was deployed when over 150 protestors set up a blockade in front of the Magna Steyr automotive plant in Graz, Austria. Protestors formed a human chain in front of the plants entrance and erected (2) metal tripod structures which had individuals suspended atop of them at a height of 15ft (4.5m).

When the suspended protestors refused to come down willingly from the structures, Cobra operators dispatched their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics/Rescue System to safely remove the individuals, while preventing the structures from being bumped and/or collapsing. Operators were able to elevate the MARS ramp platform in between the support rods of the tripods and undo the protestors harnesses before carrying them down the ramp to the ground without harm.


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