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Patriot3 Maritime and
Shark Marine Technologies Inc. are proud to announce an integration between
DIVELOG and Jetboots Diver Propulsion System. This integration allows Jetboots to be controlled and managed using the Dive Tablet 2 
and provides operators with access to the most accurate sub-sea navigation available.

Jetboots Navigation Tablet

The Jetboots Navigation Kit allows operators to:

-Monitor available power remaining based on diver speed/power consumption, allowing diver to adjust for mission requirements

-Calculates time/distance remaining to programmed destination

-Monitor current depth and direction in real time

-Program different diver kit configurations for accurate speed display

Dive Tablet 2
Jetboots Tablet Connector

A specialized Jetboots control box is used to communicate with the Dive Tablet 2.

Contact Patriot3 to learn how to upgrade your existing Jetboots systems. 

Shark Marine’s DiveLog software provides a user friendly, intuitive interface managing all of the sensors and data, freeing the diver to focus on the dive.

Jetboots Navigation Screen
Shark Marine Navigator

Tablet Info


32.76cm (12.9") x 18.57cm (7.31") x 9.57cm (3.77")


3.21kg (6.8 lbs.) Dry, 0.57kg (1.2 lbs.) in sea water


Internal Battery: up to 3 hours

optional hot-swappable external batteries: up to 20 hours

Contact Patriot3 for pricing, kit information and options.

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