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Jetboots is a unique diver propulsion system designed for the military diver. Jetboots uses low noise brushless motors and Lithium-Ion Batteries to achieve powerful propulsion at very low total system weight.

Military units around the world are realizing the potential of fully geared combat swimmers equipped with the unprecedented mobility of Jetboots. Reconnaissance, search and rescue, patrol, and hull inspections are just some of the uses of Jetboots. The Jetboots system is ANU approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and is compatible with standard issue military dive gear.



Dual Knob Control Box

Gen5 Thrusters (x2)

Custom Li-ion Battery

Battery Charger

Adjustable Harness System

Buoyancy Compensation Device

Spare Parts Kit

Large Transport Case

Jetboots Battery
Jetboots Battery Charger
Jetboots Flotation
Jetboots Case
Spare Parts Case



The Control Box is a ruggedized waterproof aluminum enclosure that controls the power and speed of the Jetboots system. The Control Box includes a power switch, adjustable thrust knob and a LED battery state of charge indicator light with mounted cover. The power switch allows the ability to turn off the LED light during covert operations.


The Control Box is connected to the Thrusters and Battery by advanced underwater cables that are specially designed for harsh maritime environments. A Cable Retention Box (CRB) prevents the cables from being accidentally disconnected during operation. 

Jetboots Control Box


Jetboots Thrusters contain heavy duty brushless motors protected by a hard anodized aluminum housing. Thrust is achieved by a hermetically sealed magnetic coupling drive and a durable nylon propeller that is protected by a stainless steel wire mesh and a hydrodynamic aluminum duct.

The 5th Generation of the Jetboots Thruster is a statically sealed system that eliminates the need for dynamic Oil Filled Shaft Seals. The Power Cable attaches to the Thruster at a 45° angle improving mobility and clearance for gear. The new Thruster Leg Plate provides the operator the 6 inches of vertical adjustability in its mounted position. 

Jetboots Thruster


Jetboots are powered by a custom Lithium-Ion Battery designed specifically for the Jetboots System. The Battery is hot-swappable underwater and rated to 300 ft ocean depth. Each Battery includes a terminal Debris Plug to protect the connectors from corrosion and a Neoprene Sleeve to insulate and protect the Battery Enclosure from impact. Jetboots Batteries are UN Approved in compliance with IATA Dangerous Good Regulations. 

The Jetboots System includes a custom CE Certified Battery Charger and a removable region specific power cord that can accommodate both 110v and 220v circuits. Each Charger has a LED voltage readout, illuminated power button, and a terminal Debris Plug. 

Jetboots Battery Charger
Jetboots Battery


The Jetboots Harness is a custom back-braced adjustable system that integrates the Control Box, Thrusters and Battery into a complete Jetboots System. Each component is mounted to the Harness using MOLLE which allows the components to be adjusted to conform to the diver's equipment configuration. The Adjustable Battery Platform allows the system to be outfitted with any size Jetboots Battery. Quick release buckles allow the system to be removed quickly in an emergency situation.


A Buoyancy Compensation Kit that mounts to the inside of the Harness is included with each Jetboots System. The BCK utilizes closed-cell foam and two orally inflatable air bladder to achieve variable buoyancy and offset weight of the Jetboots System when submerged. The BCK can be removed if not required.

Jetboots Harness


The Spare Parts Kit features the basic items required to maintain the standard operation of Jetboots System and includes a small waterproof case for easy transport. Each kit includes:

1  Propeller Kit

1  Bearing Oil and Applicator

1  Small Connector Cleaning Kit

1  T-Handle Prop Nut Driver

4  Cable Retention Box Screws

2  Elastic Keepers

1  Christolube, 5g

25  Wood Handle Cotton Swabs

1  Waterproof Carry Case

Jetboots Basic Spare Parts Kit



The Jetboots Connector Cleaning Kit protects, lubricates, and maintains optimum signal quality of the Jetboots connector cable pins. Regular maintenance of the cable pins helps reduce intermittent connections, arcing, RFI, wear and abrasion and provides long-lasting protection from oxidation on the plated surface. Each kit is available to purchase separately. 

Jetboots Small Cleaning Kit

Basic Connector Cleaning Kit

*Included with each set of Jetboots

Jetboots Large Pin Cleaning Kit

Large Connector Cleaning Kit

*Included in Maintenance Parts Kit


The Maintenance Parts Kit is recommended with the purchase of every 10 sets of Jetboots. This kit provides additional parts for approximately one year to help maintain the quality and function of multiple Jetboots systems. Each kit Includes:

4  Leg Straps

2  Hinge Plate Assemblies

2  Battery Cables

16  Cable Retention Box Screws

32  Control Box Lock Nuts

32  Control Box Screws

1  Christolube, 4 oz

300  Wood Handle Cotton Swabs

200  Alcohol Wipes

4  MOLLE Spacers

6  LED Light Covers

10  Propellor Kits

1  Jetboots Bearing Oiler

10  Bearing Carrier Replacement Kits

8  Waist Belt Buckle Sets

1  Large Pin Cleaning Kit

1 Waterproof Carry Case

Jetboots Maintenance Kit

*parts available for purchase separately


The Hub Maintenance Tool Kit provides the necessary customized tools for intermediate (Dive Locker) service of Jetboots replacement parts. It is highly recommended to properly service Jetboots. Each kit includes:

1  T-Handle Torque Wrench, 8 in-lb

1  T-Handle Torque Wrench, 15 in-lb

1  T-Handle Torque Wrench, 30 in-lb

1  T-Handle Torque Wrench, 45 in-lb

1  3/8" Drive Torque Wrench, 160 in-lb

1  Prop Retention Tool

1  Duct Installation/Removal Tool

1  7/16" Deep Well Socket, 1/4" Drive

1  7/8" Shallow Socket, 3/8" Drive

1  3/32" Hex Key Driver

1  5/64" Hex Key Driver

1  5/16 Nut Driver

1  Mini Needle Nose Pliers

1  7.75" Ratchet, 3/8" Drive

1  5/16" Deep Well Socket, 1/4" Drive

1  Jetboots Gen5 Prop Puller

1  Battery State of Charge Whip (SOC)

1  3/16" Hex Bit Socket, 1/4" Drive

1  3/16" Hex L-Key

1  Brass Bristle Hand Brush

1  1/4" Stainless Steel Tube Brush

1  Loctite 222MS, 0.34 oz

1  2mm Hex Bit Socket, 1/4" Drive

1  2mm Hex Key Driver

1  3mm Hex Bit Socket, 1/4" Drive

1  3mm Hex Key Driver

1  Waterproof Carry Case

Jetboots Tool Kit

*parts available for purchase separately


The Jetboots Battery Charger/Discharger is an all-in-one system designed to maintain the health and longevity of the Jetboots battery. This advanced system can safely charge the battery to maximum capacity, charge or discharge the battery to the recommended storage capacity, and perform a cycle test to aid in monitoring the battery's health condition over time. This device can also be used to get the Jetboots battery to the proper state of charge to meet IATA shipping regulations. 


The Charger/Discharger includes a region specific Power Cord, removable Battery Connection Cable and a Dry Charger Case for protection against moisture and impact during transport.

Jetboots Charger Discharger


After about 300 hours of use, or if the Thruster Bearing or Shaft becomes damaged, a replacement Bearing Carrier Kit is available. The Bearing Carrier Replacement Kit includes one (1) pre-assembled Bearing Carrier and six (6) replacement screws. Jetboots is a hermetically sealed system so the operator can replace this component without breaking the static seal of the Thruster, improving overall system reliability. The Hub Maintenance Tool Kit is recommended for all Jetboots repairs and maintenance. 

*Included in Maintenance Parts Kit

Jetboots Bearing Carrier



The Multi-Battery Interface (MBI) allows an operator the ability to use multiple batteries to extend the range of the Jetboots System. The MBI can accommodate dual battery operation without the need to change or hot swap batteries while diving. An additional Adjustable Battery Platform is included to attach a second battery to the Jetboots Harness.

Jetboots Multi Battery Interface
Jetboots Adjustable Battery Platform


The Jetboots Runtime Software is a USB and software package that allows the operator to connect a Thruster to a computer and monitor the total operating time of the Thruster for maintenance purposes. Windows OS only. 

Jetboots Runtime Software


The Battery State of Charge Whip (SOC) is a fully self contained, water resistant electrical device that allows for quick state of charge voltage readings of the Jetboots battery. 

Jetboots SOC Whip

*Included in Hub Maintenance Tool Kit


The Patriot3 Micro Navigation Boards are slim, compact and cost effective alternatives to traditional diver navigation boards. Designed for the U.S. Navy, the Micro Nav Board is durable, lightweight and can easily be stowed when not in use.

Micro Nav Board
Micro Nav Board
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