The Hardline Entry Shield has been designed to address operator’s needs for lightweight protection. A large ballistic viewport along with a curved grip handle allows the user to achieve tighter positioning behind protection. The Hardline is available in both NIJ 3A and NIJ 3, and also has ergonomic sides for maneuverability and efficient ADS. Optional J&N Tactical Sling and FoxFury Ballistic Shield Light available upon request.


Dimensions: 21" x 38"

Viewport: 10" x 3"

Weight: 22 lbs


Dimensions: 21" x 38"

Viewport: 10" x 3"

Weight: 36 lbs


Front View

Rear View

Large ballistic viewport 

Curved grip handle with cushion

Trauma preventing forearm pad

Ergonomic edge for increased maneuverability

Two D-rings for OPTIONAL shield carry strap

OPTIONAL FoxFury Ballistic Shield Light with battery pack and mountable power switch


FoxFury Taker B50 Ballistic Shield Light

  • Max Output: 1000 Lumens; 452ft max beam distance

  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours

  • Weight: 24 oz

  • Pressure switch activation

  • Modes: Momentary, Turbo-Strobe, Continuous On

  • Waterproof, fire and impact resistant


J&N Tactical Quick-Release Shield Sling

  • Strong 1.25 inch nylon webbing with 60 inches of adjustability

  • Two (2) black stainless steel quick release shackles with 1000 lbs working load

  • Adjustable loops allow a shield connecting range of 12" to 16" for a universal fit to most ballistic shields.



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