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Ugandan Police Force Counter-Terror Unit demonstrates MARS RDD during Interpolice Exhibition

During the Interpolice Exhibition, that took place in Kenya last week, various police agencies from East Africa came together to discuss tactics and strategies to fight terrorism. A series of drills and exercises were arranged, to display agencies capacities to handle and respond to terrorist events, such as; aircraft hijackings, suicide bombings, simultaneous coordinated attacks, and more. The Uganda Police Force’s Counter terrorism unit was tasked with assaulting a commercial jet that had been hijacked by a number of terrorists. Relying on their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics Systems, operators made entry into “door 1” within seconds of responding, eliminated the terrorists, and retook control of the plane.

The Uganda counter terrorism directorate is headed by Assistant Inspector General of Police, John Ndungutse. The counter terrorism directorate is the lead Ugandan law enforcement entity charged with investigating, disrupting and responding to terrorist incidents in Uganda. The Counter Terrorism Unit is famed for various tactical hostage rescue missions from terrorist entities. The Ugandan civilian population has on several occasions commended the Uganda Police Counter Terrorism Unit for their vigilance and degree of professionalism.

Uganda Police have deployed their MARS Elevated Tactics Systems numerous times over the past few years, in response to Al Shabaab threats and/or attacks.


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