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Royal Malaysian Police UTK use LIBERATOR ETS during hostage rescue drill

The elite tactical unit of the Royal Malaysia Police, Unit Tindakhas (Special Actions Unit) or UTK, held a large scale aircraft raid exercise at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), called Ex-Op Seizure. The exercise consisted of a hijacked Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft at KLIA, which had 54 hostages, including 5 crew members. Using their LIBERATOR Elevated Tactics Systems, installed on Chevrolet Colorado pick-up trucks, UTK operators were able to simultaneously assault multiple aircraft doors and over-the-wing exit windows within minutes of receiving the “execute order”. The Elevated Tactics Systems allowed for multiple assault teams to make immediate entry into the aircraft from various positions in order to overwhelm and shock the group of terrorists who had “overtaken” the plane.

The objective of the exercise was to test the level of effectiveness of planning and action when faced with security threats on an aircraft. In addition, the exercise aimed to strengthen the level of readiness and role of the Special Actions Unit (UTK) in their capability of handling various forms of terrorist attacks throughout the country.

The exercise was supervised by numerous RMP commanders, representatives of KLIA and Malaysia Airlines, and the Director of the Malaysian Dept. of Internal Security and Public Order.

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