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Patriot3 MARS Intervention System: Key shooting platform during International Sniper Event

An international sniper competition was held in Spain the end of the 2016, where military special forces groups and counter-terror units from around the world converged to compete against each other. The competition consisted of multiple challenges for snipers, including elevated “sniper initiated shots” from the MARS Elevated Tactics System. The MARS (owned by Spain’s national Grupo Especial de Operaciones – GEO), was deployed with ramps at varying heights for different height & angled shots. 2 snipers from each team had to climb the MARS assault platform and take 1 shot, either from the prone position or using the Sniper Bench; following the shot, snipers then had to FAST Rope down the MARS system and rush to the finish line.

Whether it be for a “sniper initiated shot” or sniper positioning, the MARS tactical assault ladder is considered the best tactical intervention and shooting platform by elite tactical units around the world.


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