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Patriot3 & Jankel Armouring deliver ‘Next Generation’ GUARDIAN Counter Terror Assault Vehicle

Jankel Armouring Limited, with the support of Patriot3’s Elevated Tactics Division (P3E), have successfully delivered their first order of the ‘next generation’ GUARDIAN Counter Terror Assault Vehicle-Urban (CTAV-Urban) to an undisclosed customer. Patriot3 and Jankel have been partnering together in the integration of our MARS Elevated Tactics Systems on their Guardian armored vehicle platform for over a decade now, thus creating the CTAV. The CTAV is an operationally proven F550-based armored vehicle platform combined with the MARS Elevated Tactics System for rapid deployment for elevated tactical/rescue operations which has been in use by elite tactical units around the world since the mid-2000s. The CTAV-Urban features a newly designed version of the MARS system, in combination with our proven OSR (Off-Set Ramp), which delivers a narrower and lighter hydraulic solution allowing counter terror units and tactical teams to effectively operate in tighter and more restricted city/urban environments.

The development of the CTAV-Urban is another continuance of Patriot3 & Jankel’s long standing partnership and determination in providing the very best products and services to our end users to drive mission success!


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