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Patriot3 installs the LIBERATOR ETS on The Armored Group (TAG) BATT

Patriot3 often works with new and existing customers in the design and integration of our Elevated Tactics Systems on either new or existing (already in operation) vehicles, whether they are non-armored or full armored. Identifying suitable host vehicles and ensuring that the ETS platforms will not only meet our end users’ tactical requirements but also not jeopardize or inhibit the vehicles own operation and purpose is of extreme importance to us. In this case, our end user identified an already operational armored vehicle in their fleet that they wished to have the LIBERATOR Elevated Tactics System capability integrated with – The Armored Group (TAG) BATT.

Working with the end user and The Armored Group personnel, Patriot3 was able to design/modify the LIBERATOR ETS around the existing vehicle and conduct a faultless installation/training on-site.

Given this close cooperation amongst all parties, the final combined solution has been deployed on numerous operations where the LIBERATOR ETS has played a vital role in the success of the mission.


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