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Patriot3 ETS highlighted in joint GCC anti-terror exercise - Arab Gulf Security 2

The 2nd GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) joint counter terror exercise, Arab Gulf Security 2, was held in Dubai, UAE in February 2020. The exercise, which last a full week, included security forces from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait; all working together while utilizing their own equipment, which was shipped to Dubai for the exercise. The security exercise consisted of several different simulated scenarios including a bus hijacking, an attack on a VIP convoy, and multiple hostage rescue operations from terrorist controlled mock-ups. Among the specialty tactical equipment that was used during the exercise were numerous Patriot3 Elevated Tactics Systems, including some of the Royal Oman Police’s fleet of OSR’s on Lenco BearCats and Dubai Police SWAT’s MARS on a RG12. The ETS systems were used by assault teams, made up of operators throughout the GCC, during the hostage rescue scenarios at a hotel and factory.

The Arab Gulf Security exercise’s goal is to enhance the solidarity of the GCC states in preventing the dangers and challenges facing the GCC states on the security level, including combating terrorism and organized crime.


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