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Metro Nashville Police SWAT's MARS ETS used to bring down protester from 20ft tall tripod

This morning, a few dozen protesters occupied the private property of Nashville-based CoreCivic, one of the nations largest owners and operators of private prisons, including several immigration detention centers. The protesters obstructed blocked the entrances of the building and parking garages by chaining themselves together through concrete filled barrels.

Metro Nashville Police responded and discovered one protester that was sitting atop a 20+ft tall tripod constructed of wooden beams. After she refused to come down willingly using her pulley system, SWAT was called to the scene with their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics/Rescue System to assist in getting her down. Officers positioned the MARS passenger ramp in between the beams, in an attempt to not bumps or damage them and prevent the structure from collapsing. Officers first raised the ramp system under her feet and attempted to negotiate her down herself, but after she refused, SWAT operators moved up the platform and removed her from the harness and had to carry her down the MARS system, where she was later placed into custody.


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