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MARS ETS - Lenco BearCat debuted at MILIPOL 2019

With the MARS Elevated Tactics System being the most sought after and operated tactical entry system in the world, Patriot3 continues to work with end users and vehicle manufacturers in the design and integration of the ETS on different host vehicles - the Lenco BearCat being one of them!

Patriot3 has worked with Lenco Armored Vehicles since 2003 when the Lenco BEAR and BearCat were introduced for specialized law enforcement operations. With numerous combined integrations of our single ramp systems; LIBERATOR, ARC, and OSR on different generations of the BearCat, we have finally introduced the MARS BearCat. The MARS BearCat brings all the tactical and rescue advantages of a dual ramp assault platform to a very capable armored tactical vehicle that combined, addresses the tactical requirements of end users around the world.

The 1st MARS BearCat G3 will be on display at the Lenco Armored Vehicles booth at MILIPOL Paris – November 19-22.


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