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Introducing the HAMMERHEAD SMV (Subsurface Multi-Mission Vehicle)

Patriot3 is excited to announce its HAMMERHEAD Sub-surface Multi-mission Vehicle (SMV) is in production. This milestone caps an 8-year research and development process which has been fully funded by Patriot3. The Hammerhead SMV is truly revolutionary in its overall capabilities and features, including its unique modularity. Patriot3 has partnered with Shark Marine Technologies for its Dive Log Navigation System enabling autonomous-control of the Hammerhead SMV via the Shark Marine Navigator, Dive Tablet 2, or E-TAC. Working closely with Naval Special Operations forces around the world, Patriot3 is continuing its R&D and design efforts for the Hammerhead, further expanding its capabilities as a multi-use platform for subsurface – manned and un-manned maritime operations.

For more information on the HAMMERHEAD SMV, please visit:


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