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Houston Police SWAT deploy MARS to resolve roof standoff situation

Houston Police responded to the 100 block of Seven Oaks regarding reports of a “disturbed” individual throwing rocks and kicking vehicles. When officers arrived, the suspect fled onto the roof of his neighbor’s house and was threatening to jump. Officers requested SWAT and HNT units immediately.

After nearly 5 hours of negotiating with the suspect, SWAT officers positioned their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System at the rear of the house, elevating the ramps above and beyond the homes perimeter fence and up to the roof, allowing for officers to sneak up behind the individual and take him into custody without incident.

The suspect was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation and is believed to have been under the influence of meth, leading up to the day’s events.

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Reeva Mills
Reeva Mills
Sep 07, 2021

Lovedd reading this thank you

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