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Harris County Sheriff (TX) use their MARS on a Hostage Rescue only 2 weeks after receiving system

“The Harris County Sheriff’ SWAT team was called to a Barricaded Hostage Incident, which involved multiple suspects, and one female hostage in a second story apartment. A plan was developed, which involved placing an energetic breaching charge on the fortified apartment door, and an entry element mounted on the MARS Platform. On command, the MARS would approach the crisis site, and when the ramp was in position, the breacher was cleared to defeat the door. The entry element, using the MARS Elevated Tactics System, breached the second story sliding glass balcony doors, and cleared the two-bedroom apartment to locate the hostage and detain the suspects; the Hostage was located and removed without injury, and the suspects were taken without further incident.”

– Harris County SWAT Sgt.

Harris County Sheriff received their MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System only 2 weeks ago.

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