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3 Different Patriot3 ETS Highlighted During “ARAB GULF SECURITY 1” Counter Terror Exercise

The first ever joint counter terror exercise amongst all GCC countries, “Arab Gulf Security 1,” was held in Manama, Bahrain in November 2015. MOI security forces from Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Qatar held a wide variety of operations that would help in confronting terrorist plots targeting the security and stability of the GCC member countries. The exercise’s anti-terror operations included sea, air, and land missions, in which security forces worked together while using their equipment, which was transported in for the exercise. Amongst the specialty tactical equipment that was operated by the security forces, were 3 Patriot3 Elevated Tactics Systems. The Royal Oman Police with their brand new OSR on a Lenco BearCat, Dubai Police with their MARS on a RG12, and the Bahrain Special Security Force Command with their MARS on a Chevrolet Suburban. The different Patriot3 vehicle borne intervention systems were used to assault buildings, buses, and a variety of other objectives.

The 20-day long exercise concluded with a parade, where each unit displayed all of the specialty equipment they used during the exercise to overcome each threat.


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