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1st Special Forces Group utilize Elevated Tactics System during training with PNPSAF

Green Berets with the US Army 1st Special Forces Group (SFG) Airborne took part in a series of counter terrorism and hostage rescue exercises in the Philippines with the Philippine National Police – Special Action Force (PNPSAF). This evaluation/training was meant to test the PNPSAF’s ability to conduct crisis response, direct action, and hostage rescue missions in complex urban environments. The exercises were all designed to help bolster the Philippine Special Action Force as a premier counter-terrorism unit in the Philippines.

The exercises ranged from the clearing of a train station and subway train, visit-board-search-seizure (VBSS) of a vessel in the Subic Bay, and finally a tubular assault on a hijacked aircraft.

During the Aircraft Assault exercise, PNPSAF operators along with members of 1st SFG-A used the LIBERATOR Elevated Tactics System (installed on a Kia KM450) to rapidly approach and breach the aircraft door, subdue the hostile threat and regain control of the hijacked plane.


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