The Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shield is the original ballistic shield that can be folded for rapid deployment and convenient storage. It's the ideal shield for any Patrol, SWAT, VIP Protection, Harbor or Airport Security team's needs. The U.S. Patented Minuteman is the only shield of its kind that features a viewport which provides the operator with a clear line of sight without compromising protection. 


The Minutemen is covered in a ballistic nylon material and is stowed in a non-descript carry bag that comes complete with grab handle and carry strap. The webbing on the lower half of the shield can be used to store miscellaneous items such as flex cuffs or stiffening rods. 

The Minutemen Folding Ballistic Shield is available in 3 different options and offers a NIJ3A or NIJ3 threat level protection. Sheriff and Police patches are provided and custom patches are available upon request. It is also available in red, non-ballistic units for training purposes. 


Front View

Rear View

Large Viewport for improved line of sight

Dual Pole System for optional rigid configuration

Ballistic Panel Strip protects shield at folding joint

2 grab handle options and 1 forearm strap for increased stability

Top and bottom mounted carry handle for rapid deployment 

Two D-rings for optional shield carry strap

MOLLE strip provides convenient storage for miscellaneous items such as cuffs or flashlights




Threat Level: NIJ 3A

Dimensions: 24" x 48"

Viewport: 2" x 9"

Weight: 22 lbs

*Note: The Minuteman 1 contains larger ballistic panels for a wider area of protection for the operator



Threat Level: NIJ 3A

Dimensions: 19" x 34"

Viewport: 2" x 9"

Weight: 15 lbs

*Note: The Minuteman 2 offers the same level of protection as the Minuteman 1 but in a lighter and more compact design


Threat Level: NIJ 3

Dimensions: 19" x 34"

Viewport: 2" x 9"

Weight: 28 lbs

*Note: The Minuteman 3 is also available without a viewport for a lighter carry weight

(Minuteman 3 without VP: 22 lbs)



J&N Tactical Quick-Release Shield Sling

  • Strong 1.25 inch nylon webbing with 60 inches of adjustability

  • Two (2) black stainless steel quick release shackles with 1000 lbs working load

  • Adjustable loops allow a shield connecting range of 12" to 16" for a universal fit to most ballistic shields.



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