May 29, 2015

Jetboots used during US Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School’s 50th Anniversary!

On May 14, the Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Key West celebrated its 50th Anniversary! As part of the celebration, combat divers equipped with their Jetboots Diver Propulsion Systems performed a capabilities demonstration including a helocast, static-line jump and a HALO jump into the water drop zone.

The Water Drop Zone was dedicated to Sgt. Major Jerry Patton, who was killed during a HALO jump in preparation for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.


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April 3, 2015

Vietnam Special Forces Highlight the MARS Elevated Tactics System for Anti-Terrorism Operations

The MARS Elevated Tactics System was the main topic of an article by Soha News, Hanoi’s leading news source. The MARS systems (operated by the Vietnamese Special Forces) were highlighted in regards to the actions the Ministry of Defense is taking to combat terrorism in Vietnam!

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Link to the story here (translated to English)

For our Vietnamese speakers, the original story link here.

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March 27, 2015

2015 Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association Conference

Patriot3’s Elevated Tactics and Ballistics Divisions just finished exhibiting and training at the Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Association (PATOA) Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Tactical units from across the state of Pennsylvania and neighboring states were able to see our full line of Ballistic Shields and train with the MARS RDD Elevated Tactics System for 2nd & 3rd floor entries during the Advanced SWAT course!


Special thanks to the PATOA board and staff along with the host agency  (Pittsburgh Police Department SWAT Team) for orchestrating a great conference. We will see you all in Lancaster for the 2016 conference!


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March 20, 2015

MARS drill in Seoul



Seoul Metropolitan Police use their MARS systems during an Anti-terror/Hazmat exercise at the Seoul railway station back in January 2015. The drill comes amid international concerns about terrorism, natural disasters and concerns over North Korea!
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March 3, 2015

Recent Jetboots Demo in US & Mexico

Patriot3’s Maritime Division just completed a series of Jetboots and CRRC (Combat Rubber Raiding Craft) gear demos with the Mexico Navy, Long Beach Port Authority and U.S. Army Special Forces Underwater Operations Command.


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February 27, 2015

Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shields in Germany

Members of the 569th US Forces Police Squadron, based at Vogelweh Military Complex in Germany, use the Minuteman Folding Ballistic Shields during active shooter training exercises at Kaiserslautern High School in K-Town!

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May 20, 2014

Jetboots featured in Popular Science Magazine

Brian Lam writes of his experiences with the Jetboots for Popular Science’s June 2014 edition, The Water Issue.

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April 8, 2014

Patriot3 Flex Shield protects police in the line of fire has recommended the Flex Shield in their Featured Products column.

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November 13, 2013

Jetboots recognized at awards dinner…

US Commander of Special Operations, ADM William McRaven recognizes Jetboots as one of the significant tools in the special operations arsenal.




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November 12, 2013

Patriot3 on the International Scene…

The Australian Defense Forces Counter Terrorist Unit uses Patriot3 Ladder Shield during a Counter Terror exercise at a pedestrian mall in downtown Sydney.





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