August 24, 2015

P3M conducts Jetboots demo in Belgium!

Patriot3 Maritime was in Belgium last week conducting a series of Jetboots demos for various operational units. Combat & rescue divers were able to test and evaluate the Jetboots to determine how the equipment would best fit their operational needs as well as expand their current capabilities. Overall, the Jetboots were well received and the units in attendance were very impressed.




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August 20, 2015

Minuteman Shields used during Active Shooter Exercise at Fort lee, VA!

Members of the Fort Lee Police Department Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and the 217th Military Police Detachment (Fort Lee, VA) relied on the protection of their Minuteman 3 Folding Ballistic Shields during an active shooter training exercise earlier this year. With the growing concern of active shooter events happening across the nation at random locations (schools, military installations, workplaces, etc.), soldiers and civilians at Fort Lee have become more familiar with the response plan if such an incident were to happen there.







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August 18, 2015

Palm Beach County Sheriff use their RAID Elevated Tactics System to resolve standoff!


The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team deployed their RAID system in Lake Worth, Florida during a tense standoff with an armed man, who had climbed an apartment roof and was threatening to harm himself and others. After 3 hours the standoff was resolved peacefully and SWAT was able to negotiate the man down from the roof using the RAID Elevated Tactics System!


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July 31, 2015

The MARS Elevated Tactics System Keeps the World University Games Safe!

Several tactical units and anti-terrorism forces throughout South Korea deployed their MARS Elevated Tactics Systems in preparation of the World University Games: Summer Universiade in Gwangju City. The MARS systems were used in multiple anti-terrorism scenarios, to include; tubular assaults, hostage rescue, perimeter security, response to potential terror attacks, and more.


The Gwangju: Summer Universiade consisted of 12 days of sport competitions with more than 9,000 student-athletes and officials from over 170 countries.


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July 15, 2015

Patriot3 Demo Days – Chester, VA

The Elevated Tactics & Ballistics Divisions were in Chester, Virginia today providing an equipment demo to Uniformed Patrol Officers & Tactical Units throughout the Richmond area.

Special Thanks to Chesterfield County Police Department SWAT for hosting the demo!

If your department/unit is interested in an Elevated Tactics and/or Ballistics Shields demo, please contact our website (

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June 25, 2015

Patriot3 Demo Days-Norfolk, VA

The Elevated Tactics & Ballistics Divisions were in Norfolk, Virginia today providing an equipment demo to Patrol & Tactical Units throughout Southeast Virginia.

Special Thanks to the Norfolk Police Department for hosting the demo!

If your department/unit is interested in an Elevated Tactics and/or Ballistics Shields demo, please contact our website (

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Jetboots are the Highlight of Experience Week in Austria!

Patriot3 Maritime Division was in Austria (Lake Grundelsee), participating in Experience Week hosted by Outer-Limits. Combat divers from around the world gathered to check out and test the latest in diving technology, with majority of the focus landing on the Jetboots Diver Propulsion Systems!

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June 4, 2015

Bringing the Equipment to you!

Patriot3’s Elevated Tactics and Ballistics Divisions are on the road with the MARS RDD, doing demos for law enforcement agencies around the country! If your department/agency is interested in an Elevated Tactics Systems and/or Ballistic Shields and would like to orchestrate an demo to see the equipment in person, please contact our website ( and let us know. There are several road trips coming up soon and we may be able to make your agency a stop along the way!

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May 29, 2015

Jetboots used during US Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School’s 50th Anniversary!

On May 14, the Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Key West celebrated its 50th Anniversary! As part of the celebration, combat divers equipped with their Jetboots Diver Propulsion Systems performed a capabilities demonstration including a helocast, static-line jump and a HALO jump into the water drop zone.

The Water Drop Zone was dedicated to Sgt. Major Jerry Patton, who was killed during a HALO jump in preparation for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.


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April 3, 2015

Vietnam Special Forces Highlight the MARS Elevated Tactics System for Anti-Terrorism Operations

The MARS Elevated Tactics System was the main topic of an article by Soha News, Hanoi’s leading news source. The MARS systems (operated by the Vietnamese Special Forces) were highlighted in regards to the actions the Ministry of Defense is taking to combat terrorism in Vietnam!

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Link to the story here (translated to English)

For our Vietnamese speakers, the original story link here.

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