P3Maritime Products by Patriot3



With the creation of Patriot3 Maritime (P3M), Patriot3 continues its quest to offer innovative, state of the art specialty equipment with focus on mobility and portability; this time for the maritime operator. P3M strives to cover a full spectrum of equipment and technology for Military, Police, Fire/Rescue, and Commercial maritime operators by offering new innovative products that are designed to be game changers for those who operate in the unforgiving maritime environment. P3M also continues to provide the best quality products that are currently in use in the field today.


All equipment offered by P3M has been tested by P3M or comes with the highest recommendation. We use it, dive it, drop it, break it and let it rust….to provide our customers with real feedback on the products they need. P3M enjoys real hands on relationships with its customers to effectively refine and add capabilities to current products as well as develop new ideas and technologies.

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